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CPET activities

October 2011

oxford200Apologies for the silence during recent months, but CPET is temporarily running on a smaller budget and we have therefore had to prioritise our resources until new funding is allocated.

CPET is however still here to help and advise on the UK Government’s timber procurement policy, as we have been since 2004. The scope of CPET’s support has now also expanded to include provision of information and support on the two regulations which fall under the EU FLEGT Action Plan, the EU timber regulation and the FLEGT regulation.

Two new main sections have been added to the CPET website: the EU Timber Regulation section, which was added earlier this year, and the new section on the FLEGT Regulation which will have further sections and information over the coming months in preparation for the first FLEGT licensed timber expected to reach the UK early next year.

We know it is not always easy to find your way around the two new regulations from the EU, let alone the public procurement policy. Therefore remember that you are always welcome to contact CPET with any questions or concerns you may have - that is why we are here.

The final details of the EU Timber Regulation are still under negotiation, therefore it may not always be possible to give a definitive answer to questions.  However, updates will be provided as and when possible.  All new enquiries related to the EU Timber Regulation and the FLEGT Regulation will be checked by Defra to ensure the most up-to-date response can be given, therefore allow for extra response time. 

CPET staff have, over the past few months, attended several meetings on the new regulations and also supported the UK Government on criteria for Biomass and EU Green Public Procurement and sat as a member of the National Sustainable Public Procurement Advisory group.

Since April the core CPET funding from Defra has not covered the CPET training workshops, but, as part of CPET’s work with WWF to encourage local authorities to implement timber procurement policy, WWF–UK have been able to fund a number of workshops. So, since the last update in the spring, we have been able to deliver free CPET workshops, specifically to support local authorities in Cardiff, Oxford, Leicester and in Stirling, thanks to WWF funding. A further six workshops are now scheduled across the UK, again funded by the WWF-UK. Though Local Authority staff are prioritised, other public sector staff and suppliers and contractors are also very welcome. Find more information on the workshops and sign up here.



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