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Defra Government Buying Standards (GBS)


The Defra 'Government Buying Standards'

government buying standardsThe Defra 'Government Buying Standards' provide sustainable specifications designed specifically for procurers. 'Government Buying Standards', formerly known as 'Quick Wins' are specifically designed for procurers. They are a set of sustainable specifications for a range of commonly-purchased products, such as IT equipment, white goods, paper (including tissue), etc. The products assessed were chosen for their environmental/financial impact, scope for environmental improvement and political or example-setting function.

'Government Buying Standards' are comprised of both a set of mandatory minimum standards at the market average level and best practice specifications.  These best practice specifications are more stretching than the mandatory minimum and are voluntary for those procurers that wish to purchase the "best in class" products in certain areas.  These are likely to become the minimum over different time periods depending on the product or product group. 

All central government departments and their executive agencies have sustainable operations targets to meet, covering areas such as energy efficiency, water consumption, waste, etc.  'Government Buying Standards' can assist in meeting these targets for various product groups, including paper, construction and furniture.

For more info, please visit the Government Buying Standards page.

The Government Buying Standards are the UK Government’s implementation of the EU Green Public Procurement. For more information refer to the European Commission website Green Public Procurement section.

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