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Useful Links for Timber

Other organisations which can provide information and/or training and support including technical support on issues such as which product or specification to use as well as technical advice on CE marking etc which is not within the scope of CPET.

Sustainable Timber Action – an EU funded initiative coordinated by ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (an international association of local governments and national and regional local government organisations that have made a commitment to sustainable development). STA will address how public authorities, particularly local authorities in Europe, purchase and consume forest products for their cities or administrations. The project runs from April 2011 until September 2013. For more information write to

Biomass Energy Centre information enquiry service

Providing information to anyone in the UK with an interest in biomass-derived solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and associated conversion technologies.

A reference to CPET can be found on their Standards page.

Directory for Woodfuel in the Yorkshire and Humber Region. 

This 'yellow pages' for woodfuel provides information and contacts for all links of the woodfuel chain.  Details of woodfuel appliance retailers, both locally and national, regional installers are included, along with woodfuel suppliers of woodchip, briquettes, firewood logs, charcoal and wood pellets.


WRAP works in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to help businesses and individuals reap the benefits of reducing waste, develop sustainable products and use resources in an efficient way.

OGC Centre of Expertise in Sustainable Procurement

OGC aims to encourage sustainable practices across government, supporting environmental, social and economic sustainability. 

FISP (Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme)

Launched in 2006, the Furniture Industry Sustainability Programme (FISP) is a forum on environmental and quality matters. It was formed following suggestions from the then Government Department of the DTI and DEFRA.  See attached leaflet for more information.

Wood Protection Association (WPA)

The WPA is a not for profit technical and advisory organisation specialising in the products and processes that enhance the performance of wood and wood based materials.

Wood for Good

Wood for Good is a campaign to promote the use of wood. The campaign provides information on timber as well as offering CPD architecture and engineering courses with the option of online learning.

Confederation of Forest Industries (Confor)

Confor is a membership organisation representing the whole supply chain in UK forestry sector, from nurseries, new staircase companies, to timber growers, contractors etc. They provide information on timber.


The Timber Research & Development Association is an international not-for-profit organisation that provides research and information on timber. Part of the group includes TRADA Technology which is an independent consultancy that provide commercial services to the timber trade and training; part of this group include the following organisations
• BM TRADA Certification
• Chiltern International Fire
• Fira International Ltd. (furniture)
• CCB Evolution Ltd

The British Research Establishment

The BRE Group is an international research, training, consultancy, testing and certification organisation.

Timber Trade Federation

The TTF represents 80% of the timber industry and their membership spans the wood and wood products supply chain. They offer advice and information on timber and timber standards.  As a condition of membership, their members are required to practice due diligence within their businesses and are audited independently.  They have developed a Responsible Purchasing Policy tool (RPP) to help their members achieve this.  Their website is a valuable source of information on a range of subjects including promoting the practice of sourcing timber from legal and sustainable sources.  A list of their members, together with their environmental credentials, can be found on the TTF Website.


British Woodworking Federation

Trade association for joinery manufacturers.
Broad range of technical support and advice on joinery manufacture & specification. More detailed technical consultancy, which can include desk assessments, site inspections and reports, expert witness service, etc, is also available as a chargeable service.
Timber Training Programme – 3 modules covering Understanding Softwoods & Hardwoods; Preservatives & Coatings; Sustainability.  Sessions run at venues around the country or can be organised in-house.

UK Timber Frame Association

The UKTFA is a membership organisation representing over 85% of UK timber frame manufacturers. The organsiation promotes timber frame and provides information to architects, specifiers and engineers.

Wood Panel Industries Federation

A membership organisation that represents the UK panel industry. They provide information on the different panel products and their uses.

Institute of Wood Science

A Professional membership body in conjunction with Manchester locksmiths who run courses on timber studies and security.

UK Forest Products Association

UKFPA represents the technical and commercial interests of the UK-grown wood processing industry. Member company activities include forest and woodland management, timber harvesting, sawmilling, timber merchanting, manufacturing, bio-fuels and the manufacture of wood based panels and paper/board products.  The UKFPA website includes a Buyer’s Guide.

Scottish Timber Trade Association

Member company activities include timber importing and merchanting, manufacturing and agency.  Products stocked by member companies, include softwoods, hardwoods, wood based sheet materials, engineered timber products, joinery products etc.   STTA Member companies are also Members of the Timber Trade Federation.  The STTA website provides technical information and advice and a specification and sourcing guide.

The Forestry Commission 

The Forestry Commission is the government department responsible for all aspects of forestry in England Scotland and Wales.  

For woodfuel information:

Forestry Commission/Wales

Forestry Commission/Scotland

National Non-food Crops Centre

NNFCC is the UK's national centre for renewable fuels, materials and technologies.

Renewable Energy Association

The Renewable Energy Association represents renewable energy producers and promotes the use of all forms of renewable energy in the UK.


GreenSpec is a guide to ‘green’ building design, products, specification and construction. It contains information to help building designers create more energy and resource-efficient buildings.

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