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The following documents have been provided here for your convenience. They can be found in context elsewhere on the CPET website. If this is your first visit to CPET, we recommend that you browse the website before accessing these documents.

Information sheets

Category A Practical Guide to Checking Certificates  - one sheet instruction leaflet (Oct 2012)

CPET Workshop eligibility (Oct 2012)

CPET Conflict of Interest Complaints procedure  (Oct 2012)

Government documents

Timber Procurement Advice Note (June 2013)

Note that the June 2013 5th Edition advice note has replaced the April 2010, November 2005,  August 2008 and also the April 2009 notes.

UK Government Timber Procurement policy: Definition of Legal and Sustainable for timber procurement  (Revised June 2013)

Assessment of forest certification schemes (Category A evidence)

Report of the Technical Panel Meeting on 19 - 20 November 2009

Stakeholders' comments and responses related to FSC 2010

Stakeholders' comments and responses related to PEFC 2010


2010 Review of forest certification schemes: Final report (December 2010)

Appendix 1a Review of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) (December 2010)

Appendix 1b Review of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) (December 2010)


UK Government Timber Procurement Policy: Criteria for Evaluating Category A Evidence (April 2010) Under review

Methodology for reviews of timber certification schemes (March 2008)

Technical Panel Terms of Reference (March 2008)

Category B evidence

UK Government Timber Procurement Policy: Framework for Evaluating Category B Evidence (July 2010) Under review June 2013

Practical guides: Category B evidence, supply chain information (July 2010)  Under review

Practical guides: Category B evidence, forest source information (July 2010)  Under review

Checklist 1: Supply chain information (January 2006) Under review

Checklist 2: Forest source information on legality (January 2006)  Under review

Checklist 3: Forest source information on sustainablility (July 2010)  Under review

CPET Reports

Timber reporting pilot study (24 July 2009)

Construction Sector Project: Policy implementation and Reporting (12 June 2008)

Comparison of timber procurement policy criteria for forest standards, certification, accreditation, Chain of Custody and labeling Denmark, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Belgium (June 2008)

External Publications

Reference Board minutes and terms of reference


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